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Mitchell Starr joined Bienenfeld Lasek & Starr, LLC (BLS) in 1996, when Howard Bienenfeld and Carol Lasek were seeking to groom the next generation of advisors to ensure the continuity of their financial services business. Mitch was a good fit: sharp, analytical, and entrepreneurial, he inherently grasped Howard and Carol’s vision and wanted to contribute to its success.

Mitch had always known he would be an entrepreneur. As a twelve-year-old in Queens, New York, he had built the biggest paper route in his neighborhood, and developed a strong work and financial ethic. “I was really driven,” he recalls. As for his personal money values, also developed at an early age, he says, “I knew that if I wanted something I needed to work for it.” These factors would define his career path later in life.

Once Mitch accepted Carol and Howard’s invitation to work alongside them, it didn’t take long for all three to realize that the chemistry was right. They continued to refine their working arrangement, and soon Mitch formally joined the business as a partner in 2002. Today, Mitch counts Howard and Carol not only as his partners in business; he also cherishes the familial feel of their relationship and values their “huge impact as mentors.”

Having had influential mentors in his own professional and personal development, Mitch feels an obligation to give back. “I try to give as much time as I can to helping others succeed in this field – whether through teaching or informal mentoring,” he says. “At conferences I encourage young advisors to see that with hard work, sharp focus, and good guidance it’s possible to achieve your dream,” he adds.

Mitch has been consistently recognized for his performance by the Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company (MassMutual), and has achieved ELIF status, for an Exceptional Level of Insurance in Force, an achievement accomplished by less than 300 advisors in the company’s history. He is currently serving as an officer of the Agent’s Association (AAX), which gives him the opportunity to represent his peers and to give back to the company.

Equally disciplined outside of work, Mitch works out regularly in preparation for a variety of competitive athletic events in which he and his wife, Blake, compete throughout the year. He actively supports the Jewish Federation of Broward County, the National MS Society, Best Foot Forward, and Debbie’s Dream Foundation, an organization dedicated to finding a cure for stomach cancer. He has also been a classroom instructor for Junior Achievement.

Mitch is a graduate of Florida International University. He resides in Plantation, Florida with his wife, Blake, their two daughters, Allie and Aimee, and four rescued pugs.