RACHEL DISTENFELD Operations Coordinator

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Rachel Distenfeld has been providing administrative support to the Bienenfeld, Lasek & Starr, LLC (BLS) team only since 2013, though she is no stranger to the world of financial planning. She is currently the Operations Coordinator for BLS in the Teaneck Administrative Office.

Rachel interned at a Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company agency in New York City and really took a liking to the marketing side of the business. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from Stern College and went on to working for The National Broadcasting Company (NBC) in New York. When asked why she would leave a fast paced corporate job and decide to work for a smaller firm such as BLS, she says, “Here you are not just an employee. They really treat you like you are a part of the family.”

At BLS, Rachel is responsible for the development and marketing of the BLS brand. From ads to calendars to greeting cards, Rachel’s mission is to make sure the BLS name is out there for everyone to see and recognize.

Rachel is married and lives in Teaneck, NJ with her husband, Akiva, and their three children, Kayla, Jaime and Justin. In her spare time Rachel is a very involved parent in her children’s education, volunteering at school and even subbing when called upon. Rachel enjoys cooking and entertaining. She also participates in the developing of marketing ideas with a professional focus group.