RIK KARCHEfSKY Advanced Sales Specialist

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Rik Karchefsky’s leadership skills led him to an outstanding career spanning 40 years as a Financial Services Professional, Sales Manager, and Assistant General Agent. He began his career in the financial services industry in 1974 where he was the new associate of the year. He moved into management in 1980 and has successfully motivated, empowered and coached financial services professionals and their clients to reach their individual and organizational goals and aspirations. In 1987 he was named Connecticut Mutual’s Manager of the year.

In 1990 Rik joined MassMutual’s South Florida agency (DBS Financial Group) as the Assistant General Agent. He implemented strategies and fostered relationships that have facilitated the growth of the agency. Rik’s unit production quickly rose and in the past 27 years he has continuously been among one of the 5 top Sales Managers at MassMutual. In 2013 Rik was recognized by MassMutual as the leading National Sales Manager of the year.

Rik has also achieved national recognition as a featured speaker at various industry seminars and MassMutual conferences. He has and continues to serve on numerous advisory committees in the areas of training, supervision, recruiting, illustration software and business development.

For eight years Rik was a founding member and the board Chair of the Sales Manager Advisory Board and has qualified over 23 times for MassMutual’s Management Council. In 2011 Rik was the recipient of the Brian Early Frontline Manager Award from GAMA International.

In 2017 Rik joined Bienenfeld, Lasek & Starr, LLC (BLS) with a renewed passion as, what he calls, A Financial Optimist, Defensive Specialist. In his role with BLS, Rik’s responsibilities include: Advanced Sales, Life Insurance Case analysis and design, Training and education, Coaching and supervision, and support to various administrative functions within the firm.

“It has been my privilege to work with the associates and staff of BLS over the past 25 years. It is a joy to now be a part of this wonderful organization.”