• Prepare for the unexpected
    As a business owner, you know that being prepared for anything is part of who you are. If one thing is certain today, it's that you can't be certain about what will happen tomorrow. You can, however, be certain that you've taken action to help protect your business and yourself from the unexpected.

    Learn how a buy-sell agreement, funded with life insurance, can help you protect your business from the unexpected death of a key employee or partner.

    Most likely, your company has already taken the appropriate steps to protect the business in the event of the death of an owner or partner. But have you protected the business in the event of a more common scenario - an owner's or partner's long-term disability?

    Divorce should be included in the buy-sell agreement, as well, so the remaining partners don't end up inheriting the ex-wife or ex-husband who doesn't know anything about the business.

    Attract & retain key employees
    Talented and committed employees play a critical role in the success of your business. In today's competitive marketplace, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to attract and retain key employees. We can help you attract and retain employees by enhancing your benefits package to compete more effectively through the use of a combination of products and services, such as:

    Establishing individual retirement arrangements funded by annuities is easy for a small business. Offering this type of benefit may also help you attract and retain key employees.

    Disability Income Insurance
    Individual disability income insurance coverage can help protect your employees' ability to generate an income should they become too sick or hurt to work.

    Executive Benefit Programs
    We offer solutions that are designed to assist in recruiting and retaining executives.

    Life Insurance
    Find out how life insurance can help you attract and retain key employees by offering benefits above-and-beyond those offered to all employees.

    Long Term Care Insurance
    Give your company a competitive advantage by making an increasingly valued and sought-after employee benefit available to your key employees.

    Retirement Plans
    A great way to retain and attract top talent to your company is to help them prepare for retirement. Our wide range of group retirement products and services can help you and your employees maintain a long-term retirement strategy.