Our approach is tailored to meet to the evolving needs of our clients. We integrate diverse financial specialties to create comprehensive asset management, wealth preservation, and risk management solutions for our clients, their heirs and the causes and communities they support.

    Step One: Get financial clarity

    Our interview with you encompasses more than just account balances and standard risk profiles. This conversation investigates lifestyle, legacy and financial goals, market dangers and opportunities, to help ensure we craft solutions as unique as our clients’ lives.

    Step Two: Devise a plan

    Once we understand your objectives and priorities, have reviewed all of your financial input we will develop your plan. This comprehensive wealth management, wealth preservation and protection solution is then presented by your BLS team.

    Step Three: Meet with your team

    In step three, you’ll meet with the financial professionals assigned to your team. These specialists represent risk and asset management, corporate benefits, college funding and other financial areas that align with your needs. Each specialist will provide a clear strategy, establish unique and specific benchmarks for success, make recommendations for action, and set timeframes for results.

    Step Four: Implement your plan

    We begin the implementation of your program, and communicate proactively with you to ensure your complete understanding and confidence.*

    Step Five: Review your progress

    Throughout the lifespan of our relationship you will receive regular account reviews, attend team strategy meetings and receive invitations to learning seminars. Our goal is to provide consistent and relevant communications so that you can feel confident about your financial future. *The client is free to implement the plan recommendations with whomever s/he chooses.