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Our mission is to explain complex issues in a simple manner that’s understandable and actionable. That’s why everything we do begins and ends with creating a customized plan aimed at helping you get the most out of your nest egg through five key steps:


5-Step Planning Process



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Other financial services firms may take a dismissive attitude toward risk management, choosing instead to focus on returns. Talking about growth is much more exciting than thinking about risk! However, protecting what you have is just as important as accumulating and growing your assets. In fact, you can integrate certainty and predictability into your financial plan by implementing powerful risk management tools, including:

Life insurance Disability income insurance Long term care insurance Certain types of annuities Our clients have shared with us that in moments of crisis, they first thought of us. And then, sighed with relief that they had taken the time to think and do something about preparing for the unexpected.

Others have thanked us for giving them the opportunity to enjoy their assets during their lifetime, without having to deprive their children and grandchildren of their legacy.

No matter your objective, our job is to protect what matters most to you.


We like to say that we help our clients secure their wealth today and for future generations. But what does that really mean? Our recommendations incorporate putting into place mechanisms that will allow you to transfer your assets into tax-favorable positions and create maximum efficiency.

In our view, wealth management is a much more expansive topic than investing. Our role as wealth manager requires helping you to consider all aspects of your money – the things you can control, as well those you cannot.

We constantly seek to add value by providing innovative programs that educate and inform sound financial decision-making.

We offer access to a wide range of highly reputable institutional money managers. Our recommended strategies take into account your goals, timeline, and tolerance for risk.


Financial planning requires the formulation of a vision and decision-making over the course of a lifetime in support of that goal. Ultimately, financial planning has to do with having choices – which can be both burdensome, and liberating. We strive to educate you, so that you can make choices that will free you to live the life you envision. Our approach takes into account not only the accumulation phase, but also the protection and distribution of funds throughout your life. By helping you make informed financial decisions we can help you realize your goals.


Where there's a plan, there's a continued business The idea that someday, someone else will be running your business may be a difficult one to consider. However, because death is a fact of life, it is important to face the inevitable. Therefore, if you wish your business to continue—and thrive—after you are gone, consider taking the time now to create a business succession plan.

A business succession plan is far more than a legal document designed to pass your possessions on to beneficiaries upon your death. It is a comprehensive estate planning tool that can include everything from shareholder buy-sell agreements to management plans, as well as any other documentation relevant to the smooth operation of your business. Whereas traditional estate plans are usually designed to lessen potential tax burdens, the business succession plan may include such considerations, but is aimed primarily at maintaining the overall health of your business.

How to begin An estate planning team consisting of your attorney, accountant, and qualified financial professional can help you devise a business succession plan, including all the necessary documents and required information. There are established methods for a transition that can help to leave both your business and any successor management free from unnecessary worry.


Financial strategies for estate planning You've worked hard to provide a good life for your loved ones, and estate planning allows you to plan ahead to make sure the assets you've accumulated pass on to those you love according to your wishes. Once you establish an estate plan with goals and strategies that are right for you, revisit it every so often to ensure it continues to meet your objectives.

Business owners should be especially mindful of the need for proper estate planning, given that the largest component of a business owner's estate is frequently the business. Business owners often may not establish an estate plan because they fail to understand liquidity issues and the tax implications that their heirs will face.

Regardless of whether you own a business or not, estate planning has to take into consideration three questions: what is the plan for the owner's estate; to whom will the estate pass, and what is the most efficient way to minimize the estate taxes?

To get started with estate planning, consider the following options:

Life insurance Help provide your heirs with a tax efficient means to pay estate expenses immediately.

Long term care insurance Plan for potential high costs associated with unforeseen long term care needs.

Trust services A professional Trust Company can help implement the plans you have made to provide for the welfare of your family and beneficiaries by carrying out your wishes according to the specific terms you set forth in your will and trusts.

Speak to us about developing an estate plan and financial strategy to meet your needs. We can work with you and your other advisors to ensure your wishes are translated into action.


Do You Have a Social Security Strategy? As your retirement approaches, you’ll need to decide when it’s the right time to begin receiving your Social Security benefit payments. Many people choose to delay income from Social Security believing that’s the best approach, but is that the best choice for you? Here are some factors to consider:

Your health – if you have a chronic or serious illness, you may be better off taking benefits as soon as you can. Your marital status – if you are married, delaying your benefit payments will increase the amount of the benefit and leave a larger survivor benefit for your spouse. Your plans – you may want to keep working into your late 60’s, or you may want to receive income early so you can travel and enjoy your retirement. Everyone has different assets and needs unique to their situations, and different goals during their retirement years. We can help you decide on a plan that’s right for you


Prepare for the unexpected As a business owner, you know that being prepared for anything is part of who you are. If one thing is certain today, it's that you can't be certain about what will happen tomorrow. You can, however, be certain that you've taken action to help protect your business and yourself from the unexpected.

DEATH Learn how a buy-sell agreement, funded with life insurance, can help you protect your business from the unexpected death of a key employee or partner.

DISABILITY Most likely, your company has already taken the appropriate steps to protect the business in the event of the death of an owner or partner. But have you protected the business in the event of a more common scenario - an owner's or partner's long-term disability?

DIVORCE Divorce should be included in the buy-sell agreement, as well, so the remaining partners don't end up inheriting the ex-wife or ex-husband who doesn't know anything about the business.

ATTRACT & RETAIN KEY EMPLOYEES Talented and committed employees play a critical role in the success of your business. In today's competitive marketplace, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to attract and retain key employees. We can help you attract and retain employees by enhancing your benefits package to compete more effectively through the use of a combination of products and services, such as:

ANNUITIES Establishing individual retirement arrangements funded by annuities is easy for a small business. Offering this type of benefit may also help you attract and retain key employees.

DISABILITY INCOME INSURANCE Individual disability income insurance coverage can help protect your employees' ability to generate an income should they become too sick or hurt to work.

EXECUTIVE BENEFIT PROGRAMS We offer solutions that are designed to assist in recruiting and retaining executives.

LIFE INSURANCE Find out how life insurance can help you attract and retain key employees by offering benefits above-and-beyond those offered to all employees.

LONG TERM CARE INSURANCE Give your company a competitive advantage by making an increasingly valued and sought-after employee benefit available to your key employees.

RETIREMENT PLANS A great way to retain and attract top talent to your company is to help them prepare for retirement. Our wide range of group retirement products and services can help you and your employees maintain a long-term retirement strategy.

*You are free to implement the plan recommendations with the financial professional of your choice. Periodic reviews or updates require a new agreement and may be subject to additional fees.